More food needs to be produced in the next 50 years

than has been produced worldwide during the last 10,000 years combined! (The Guardian, 2007)

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IMG_2651Caledonia Farms is a diverse farm with a delightful mix of the old and the new. Our Caledonia Farms is more like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city to quiet country living. “The old” includes beekeeping (dates back 4000 years), a vineyard (dates back 6000 years), farming (in ground, the beginning of time), biochar (dates back 2000 years), and vermiculture or worm composting (dates back 3000 years). ” The new” or modern at Caledonia Farms includes Aquaponics (a recirculating system with fish growing in large tanks; the dirty fish water is pumped to the hydroponic beds; the plants clean up the water; and it is pumped back to the fish tank; Learn more about Aquaponics here). The Anrandell grapevines are a new technology developed by Cornell University. (Read more about Arandell’s here.) The “in ground” farming is in a modern heated high tunnel greenhouse. (Learn more about our high tunnel greenhouse here.)


We chose our name Caledonia, because it is the old name of Scotland. Caledonia is not a stranger to warriors or farmers. It became home for many of the Norse in their Viking raids. They found land that was good for farming and settled down, hung up their battle-axes and targes and began to farm.




So how are are Project Noah, Inc. and Caledonia Farms connected?

Project Noah, Inc. (PNI) is a federal 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose primary mission is conservation education. PNI provides training for veterans, mission-minded individuals, and other people interested in diverse farming methods and variety. PNI owns Caledonia Farms, a for-profit farm, whose produce is sold at local farmers markets, restaurants, and specialty markets such as Asian or Mid Eastern grocery stores. PNI uses Caledonia Farms as a training facility for those wishing to learn about permaculture and nature friendly methods of farming. Learn more about training opportunities at Project Noah, Inc.

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