Black Soldier Flies


flygrubThe Black Solider Fly (BSF) is a compost-consuming machine! The fly lives 99% of
its life in larvae form. When it matures it leaves the feeding area and burrows into the ground only to emerge as a fly. What is different about this fly h
owever, is that it lives only a few days on the body fat it stored as a larvae. It has no
mouth and therefore cannot ingest or expel food. It has only one purpose—find a mate and lay eggs near a food source. Then it dies. We have a BSF Pod, which provides a ramp for the larvae to climb out of the compost area when they are fully mature, and fall into a harvest bucket. This is then emptied directly into the fish tanks, fed to chickens, frozen or dried and preserved for later feeding. They are highly nutritious with a 43% protein to 34% fat ratio. (More info on nutrition here.)  (General info here.) 

We are a distributor for BioPods. Here is a short video about the value of black soldier flies and bipods: