High Tunnel Greenhouse

Judy w cabbageAfter some dozer work we finally had a relatively flat area for two high tunnels. The first HT is 35×60, and is an “in ground” more traditional style of planting. We currently have it planted mostly in tomatoes, but also some peppers, rare beans for the seed bank and cabbage and peanuts. The corn we planted is also for seed stock only and is a very old variety that has been grown by the Cherokee in the Western part of NC for generations. In a couple of years we want to plant a hillside with this and other rare types miles away from any GMO corn to prevent any cross-pollination. We also are growing the old “black skinned peanuts”, a IMG_3631favorite with African slaves years ago. This too will be for seed stock. This heirloom variety nearly became extinct a few years back but thankful for the diligence of a few, it is now making a comeback. For fun we are attempting to grow some
papaya and moringa oleifeora.

Our second HT is slightly smaller and houses our aquaponic system. It has two 2500 gallon partially in ground fish tanks and two deep raft system hydroponic beds with 78sq meters surface area. While that is more fish tank than needed for the ratio to hydro bed, some of the nutrient fish water will be used in irrigating the neighboring HT. We are puttingupHTgrowing cherry sweet tomatoes, swiss and rainbow
chard, several varieties of lettuce, wasabi mustard greens, ong choi and pak choi. One 4’x8’ section will be dedicated to a variety of herbs and microgreens.