Max w grapesIn 2014 we planted 225 vines and this year in 2015 added another 250 to
our vineyard. We now have a dedicated acre consisting of 16 rows 10 feet apart, with each of the 475 plants spaced 8 foot apart on a high wire trellis system. The variety we chose, Arandell, is one recently developed by Cornell University that
has strong natural resistance to three diseases common here in Western Kentucky: powdery mildew, botrytis bunch rot and downy mildew, and moderately resistant to phomopsis. Our plants also are grafted onto phylloxera-resistant rootstock. Hopefully we will be able to grow them without using harsh chemical herbicide, pesticide and fungicide sprays. At this time we have no plans to build a winery, but choose to sell our grapes to one of many nearby.

Caleb n vineyardLearn more about Arandell grapes: Cornell_Arandell_flyer